Virtual CFO Services

Small-medium businesses now have the opportunity to have their very own Virtual Chief Financial Officer which was previously only reserved for big corporates with deep pockets! Now every business can have a strategic partner who is actively involved and a vital part of your business. Most successful entrepreneurs and business owners have an accountability partner who meets with them regularly. No matter whom you are, where you’ve come from, or what you have achieved, a good mentor is an invaluable asset in business.

Tax & Compliance

Every business needs expert tax advice, the appropriate legal structures and tax minimisation strategies in place. No business owner should be paying more tax than they are required to, nor should they be spending hours on compliance. Implementing proven strategies and planning around your tax means more cash in your pocket now and in the future.


Cloud accounting allows you to really take control of the numbers in your business. If you are still using spreadsheets or desktop software to manage your accounts and invoicing, then you are doing things the long and difficult way. Not to mention, you are leaving money on the table. Xero, a cloud-based solution,  has been dubbed ‘The Apple of Accounting’ as it has revolutionised this space by making your business numbers easier to understand. Looking to simplify? Speak with a member of our team now.

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bjt financial cashflow episode 2

Cashflow Masterclass Ep 2

| Cashflow | One Comment

Okay, so this is number two in the series of three specifically talking about your cashflow. We just spoke about three very important items which were your debtors (actually getting paid), your creditors (making sure you’re not paying them too quickly or even taking too long) and also inventory (how much cash is tied up in your inventory). If you haven’t listened or watched that episode, go back and check it out.

bjt financial cashflow management ep 1

Cashflow Masterclass Ep 1

| Cashflow | One Comment

Cashflow is the biggest killer for small to medium businesses and it’s also the one thing that keeps most business owners awake at night. Because we are nearing 30 June (the Accountants Christmas) and BJT is close to celebrating its 4 year old birthday, I have decided to put together a 3 Part “How To” Cashflow Masterclass so click the video and get watching:

bjt financial how to get organised for tax time

How To Get Organised For Tax Time

| Tax | No Comments

I wanted to put together something on Tax Time Etiquette. It’s the first of June and we only have 30 days until the end of the month and what I find is that a lot of clients find it is a time when they rush and also when they get around to doing their tax and financials for the end of the year, which is something that should be a priority and should be done ASAP.

bjt financial federal budget changes

Key Changes To The Federal Budget For Small Business Owners

| Tax | No Comments

Hi it’s Brad Turville here. On the 12th of May the Federal Budget was handed down by Joe Hockey and I’ve picked out the top 5 changes for small business owners. Update on the changes to the Federal Budget from 12 May 2015

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